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Review: Dragon Dictation for the iPhone

Nuance, the company behind the very popular Dragon NaturallySpeaking for the PC and MacSpeech Dictate for the Mac, has just released Dragon Dictation, a voice-to-text app for the iPhone.

In honor of the awesome new product, I’m going to dictate the rest of the review into my iPhone, and paste the text here, without any modifications at all:

Dragon dictated simple to use with any spark interface you just press the big red record button talk, then hit the done button when you finished. After just a few seconds, it displays the best guess about what you sent. If you didn’t get it quite right, you can look at alternate suggestions report.

I can dictate that you sent your text in an e-mail, over SMS, and you can also copy it to your boy.

Oh, well, it’s pretty accurate exhibition nice! You know what? I think I can find my support staff now. Think of the money I’ll save. Oh! I should fight everybody before Christmas, so I have to give them bonuses.

DragonDictate for iPhone is a great asset to your iPhone like you’re from the future, or if you want to find your support staff. Four stars!

Pretty great, right? This app is available, for free, for a limited time. Download it here.

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