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Everyone excited by these Foxconn rumors is an idiot.

There are a lot of people talking about these rumors that Foxconn, the company that actually physically built the iPhone (note that building doesn’t mean they’re responsible for it; they’re hired hands, but my close, personal friend Steve Jobs did all the work) have been hired to build the next iPhone. The internet is abuzz because a bunch of idiots think this is newsworthy.

Yes, Foxconn built the phones and did a great job of reading Steve’s blueprints. Yes, this anonymous tweet is confirmation of the fact that a successful business relation hasn’t suddenly ended. But so what? Is anybody surprised by this? Were any of you, even the most rubber chicken waving, Apple-adoring, soul-patch wearing wannabes thinking Foxconn wouldn’t build the next damned phone? Were you thinking there wouldn’t be another iPhone? They’ve sold something like 85 million of the things!

Seriously, where’s the news, here? Incredibly popular product makes most obvious moves imaginable in attempt to stay popular? Holy hellpaw!

Dear Apple “journalists” who are currently wetting their pants, with one liquid or another, at this exciting new piece of information: stop reporting things before there’s anything to report. You’re making an old man very cranky, and when this old man gets cranky, he goes for his goddam Jack Daniels, and his goddamn tire iron.

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