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Nexus One? Come on, Google’s drunk.

So word about the Google Phone, which totally doesn’t exist, is that it’s on a rebranded HTC Passion, and that it will be called Nexus One.

Sweet Jesus.

I wish I was making that up, but my funniest joke is just to say the word Arrington out loud.

I mean, really, internet? You really think that Google would be so idiotic, so mindblowingly lame as to name their new phone Nexus One? It sounds like either the title of, or the main prop in, a failed science fiction movie from the 70’s. “We’re about to board Nexus One, hold on to your butts!” Christ on a crapper, that’s a stupid name.

What’s next? A car called “Earthship 2012?” Sober up.

I’d also like to take a moment to point out that, according to the site Phone Arena, the HTC Passion, which the non-existent Google Phone actually is, already has Android in it. So internet nerds are getting excited about Google giving its employees a phone that you’ll supposedly be able to buy from Verizon this month, anyway.

Shut up.

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