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Michael Arrington just tried to kill me.

I was listening to This Week in Tech just now, and Jason Calacanis was on, and of course they were talking about the CrunchPad/JooJoo debacle. Calacanis — who’s works on the TechCrunch50 conference with Arrington, and is his good friend — didn’t bat an eye when Leo Laporte asked what the scoop was. Calacanis happily offered that, no, Arrington never had a contract, that Chandra’s telling of that part of the story was absolutely correct.

I nearly choked on my Ovaltine!

I thought Arrington was supposed to be a lawyer. How could he enter into such a complicated business arrangement with another company without a contract? Sweet Halifax, I’m an incontinent journalist and I know to get a contract.

Unless this is all part of some elaborate plan by Arrington. Maybe, just maybe, he orchestrated the rise and fall of the CrunchPad just so he’d eventually get Calacanis to appear on a show Arrington knows I listen to, specifically so I’d choke to death on my tasty, healthy drink. Oh, that devious goddamn craphound, I bet that’s what he did.

Well you know what, Arrington? You messed up. You tried to kill me and you failed, and you’ll never get a chance like that again. Ha ha ha!


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