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The EU is full of lazy quitters.

So the EU is just a bunch of pansies. They made Microsoft put a browser ballot into Windows, which means that when you install the newest version of their Abomination System, instead of forcing Internet Explorer on you, you get to choose from 12 browsers that you want to install. They kept jabbing at Steve Ballmer until he gave in. It was amazing, because I just hate that Steve Ballmer and his freakishly hairless head so much!

And do you know what the EU did once they got Ballmer on bended knee? They dropped the fine!

I know, I can’t believe it either. Why did they stop the attack? They had the advantage, Microsoft was losing, and then they just stopped. What’s the matter with these people? If everyone in the European Commission French?

Sweet Enola Gay, European Union; how could you let them off with just a warning? If you weren’t comfortable ordering them to shut down, you could’ve at least slapped them with another billion dollar fine, or made them publicly apologize for all the time they’ve made us waste trying to figure out what the hell the Start button does, or made Steve Ballmer dress up in a tutu and pirouette into a tub of cyanide-laced hot fudge.

As it is, European Union, this whole affair makes you look like Steve Ballmer bent you over, found the biggest candlestick he could find, and made you beg for more.


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