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Where’s your God now, Nexus One nerds?

So the latest word on the probably doesn’t exist Nexus One/Google phone is that there’s no multitouch. Tnkgrl mobile got some time with the phone, and amid talk of battery time and thinness, there’s this little gem:

There’s no multitouch support in the browser or in Google Maps

Suck it, nerds! No multitouch? From the super-awesome-holy-crap-I-just-shat-myself-it’s-so-good Google Phone that will change everything? How can you not include multitouch? Hell, I’m an old man, and I’m multitouch enabled.

Man alive, it sure is fun to watch the latest non-existent and never announced iPhone-killer go down in flames.

  1. dave
    December 18, 2009 at 9:55 pm

    stfu loser, im prob the only one thatll dignify that stupidity with a response, but hopefully u will get flamed some more

    • December 18, 2009 at 10:18 pm

      My getting flamed some more implies that I’m getting flamed at all, there, Dave, but whatever you’re bringing here hardly deserves the label. I mean, crapdamn it, son, this is what qualifies as an attack against me? You embarrass yourself.

      I notice that you didn’t actually criticize anything I wrote in my post; did you understand all of the words I used? Do syllables frighten you?

      The Google Phone seems less and less like some magical new phone with Google upsetting the current Apple cart than it does Google giving their employees a Christmas present, and the last time I wet my pants over a Christmas present, it was for a Radio Flyer wagon. And you know what? The Nexus One is no Radio Flyer.

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