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Dear Twitter: “kitty” isn’t a strong password.

So a few days ago there was all this talk about Twitter being hacked. Much blogger hand-waving was done, and millions of people were terrified that they’d not be able to let a bunch of strangers know about their shopping habits in real time. Now people are saying that Twitter’s site wasn’t hacked; their DNS records were changed, pointing the narcissists trying to get to twitter.com at some other site.

Turns out that the way the Iranian Cyber Army hacked into Twitter’s account was:

Once in control of the e-mail account, the hackers then used it to request a password reset for Twitter’s account with Dyn, Ragan speculated. “The password reset process is completed, and at this point the person(s) posing as a Twitter staffer gets the reset password via e-mail,” Ragan wrote.

It seems like Twitter’s security problems always come back to one of their employees using a dumb password, and this seems to be the case again. How is it that a company widely regarded to be on the very forefront of digital culture can be staffed by such yokels? I mean, really, how hard is it to make a complicated password? It isn’t; it’s easy. All you have to do is pick something that isn’t your birthday or the word “kitty.” Get it?

Look, Twitter, I’ll do you a favor: Just go to GRC’s password generator, and pick one of the automatically generated random passwords. Random means they’re strong, and strong means they’ll be really hard for someone — like an Iranian hacker — to hack, which means less idiocy for you.

You’re welcome, Twitter.


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