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Apple is NOT moving to a spectrum of OSes.

A couple days ago over at The Unofficial Apple Weblog, they asked the question: Could Apple be moving to a spectrum of operating systems?

“I’ve been wondering if Apple, on their Jan. 26th product announcement, won’t start to differentiate OS X to include OS X Mobile, OS X Touch, OS X Desktop & OS X Server. But rather than discreet versions of the OS, it is a spectrum where features of one version can slide up and down the scale depending on the functionality of the hardware platform it’s running on. It seems to be moving in that direction whether a formal acknowledgment is made or not.”


What do you think? Is a new, formal acknowledgment of a new Apple OS on the way, or will the tablet run a beefier version of the iPhone OS?

What do I think? I think: No. That’s stupid. One of Apple’s strengths on the consumer end is that they don’t currently do it like Microsoft does it; they’ve spent years pointing out that they have one version, so there’s zero confusion about which version to buy. Why the crap would they change that now? Hell, they’ve already got wildly different versions of OS X on the go, but they’re pretending it’s the same thing. The version of OS X you get on your iPod Touch or your iPhone doesn’t go on your MacBook Pro, but they’re both OS X. Get it? It’s simple, and it’s genius, partly because it’s Apple, but partly because it makes things clear: Apple products run on OS X, and it’s not like there can be any confusion, because you can’t buy them in any way other than they’re intended; they never cross the streams.

Yes, that was a Ghostbusters reference. Shut up.

Apple already has it right, and it’s something that, frankly, Steve Ballmer could learn from: the customers don’t need to know what all of the options are, they just need to know what options are right for them. Do you realize how much easier people would be on Microsoft if they said “Buy Windows 7 Home Premium if you’re an individual. None of the other versions make sense for you?” Seriously, Steve Ballmer, this isn’t rocket science.

Aside from the stupidity of this idea from a marketing perspective, if Apple did start touting 4 separate versions, what would Bertrand Serlet be able to come to the stage with? It seems like his entire job consists of making fun of Microsoft for this exact thing; if Apple differentiated their OSes like TUAW is suggesting, he’d be out of a job, all because Apple would be acting more like Microsoft.

So, in conclusion: this is a stupid idea, and The Unofficial Apple Weblog should be ashamed of themselves for even thinking of it. Go to your shame corner, TUAW; go to your shame corner.


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