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Target can go to hell.

According to the fine asshats over at Gizmodo, Target is offering a new $99 video game console installation service.

Yes, ninety nine fucking dollars. To hook up an Xbox or a PS3 that cost you a bit more than twice that. It’s though a third party called Zip Installation, who somehow stays in business despite offering such idiotic and overpriced services. Seriously, who is paying for these things? And do they realize that they’re being ripped off once the tech is in their house and they watch them spend 5 minutes doing the most basic of tasks before asking for a check?

This is insane; do they offer a $5 “wiping the blood off your forehead because you’ve just walked into a fucking wall” upgrade?

I’m not going to advocate violence, because it doesn’t solve anything (even though it’s pretty awesome), and I myself am not a violent man. What I am going to say is that if Target’s tech support personnel were, say, firebombed on their way to their lunch breaks, then this fleece-covered face would shed no tears.

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