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Fingerworks.com is pulled. Well, of course.

Fingerworks, a company that several years ago created some revolutionary multi-touch control systems, was purchased by Apple a while ago. Despite that Apple never took down their old site (probably because my close, personal friend Steve Jobs had better things to do, like change the world), but lots of people are reporting that fingerworks.com was recently pulled.

Over the weekend, the New York Times claimed that word from several inside sources indicated that the new Apple Tablet would have a multi-touch interfaces that required a “somewhat complex new vocabulary of finger gestures…. making use of technology [Apple] acquired in the 2007 purchase of a company called FingerWorks.”

It appears that the New York Times might have managed to pinch zoom right over the truth of the technology behind Apple’s latest product: a couple days later, and Fingerworks.com has quietly been shuttered.

This is from a description of one of Fingerworks.com’s products, called the MacNTouch:

The MacNTouch Gesture Keyboard is a complete user interface that serves as mouse, standard keyboard, and powerful multi-finger gesture interpreter. Mouse operations like point, click, drag, scroll, and zoom are combined seamlessly with touch-typing and multi-finger gesture everywhere on the MacNTouch’s surface.

That’s something you’ve really got to love about Apple; unlike Microsoft, who just buys companies, changes the names of products on the shelves and claims they’ve made some bold leap forward, Apple goes out and innovates.

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