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Where’s your messiah now, Google-boys?

It’s being widely reported that Google is enforcing an early-termination fee for anyone who purchases a subsidized Nexus One from T-Mobile, on top of any fees charged by the carrier:

In its terms of sale, Google explains that customers who buy the Nexus One for the reduced $179 price with a T-Mobile contract will be automatically charged $350 if they cancel service within 120 days. That cancellation fee does not apply during the first 14 days of service.

Google also instructs buyers that if they want to cancel service they must contact their operator directly and they may also be subject to the operator’s early termination fee.

T-Mobile’s terms of service, also posted on Google’s new phone sales Web site, describe its early termination fees. Customers will pay $200 if they cancel with more than 180 days remaining on the contract. T-Mobile also allows a 14 day grace period after customers sign up.

I realize that this isn’t an issue of Google charging more or anything, Eric Schmidt isn’t actually reaching into your pocket and stealing anything (this time), and really all they’re doing is not letting you scam them, but, still, what a bunch of asshats, right?

There seems to be a lot of goddamn outrage about this right now, and I wonder if that’s because they were first expecting Google to love them and caress them and give them all free phones because Google isn’t a business and apparently loves them, but when Google launched the Nexus One as just another crapping phone, that wonderful thing called Cognitive Dissonance kicked in, and how do you rectify that but by coming up with more excuses for how Google still loves you? Maybe the faithful saw the subsidized loophole as a way for Google to act all business-like publicly but still actually show its love for its customers by letting you get something cheaply through the backdoor. Google still loved them and they’re still doing something innovative!

Here’s a pro-tip for you, squirt: a “special discount” through the backdoor never results in anything good; you end up with a painful trip to the drug store and an awkward set of questions from your marriage counsellor.

How are the fanboys going to get rid of that contradiction now? Is Google charging them the full amount of the phone no matter how you buy it somehow a way for them to give it to them at a discount? There’s a word of that kind of thinking: bullshit.

And it’s the same kind of thinking that leads people to say other stupid things like: “The Nexus One is going to change the way cellphones are sold!”

Shut up.

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