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MacMan would’ve been the best product name ever.

I know that Gizmodo was making fun of the “blood-curdling” name that my close, personal friend Steve Jobs wanted to give to the iMac before his mind was cruelly changed, but here’s a message to Gizmodo and everyone else who says that MacMan was a stupid name:

Shut up, goddamn it.

It’s history’s greatest tragedy that the iMac didn’t get it original name. Seriously, it’s such a fantastic name! Who couldn’t help but love “MacMan?” I sure can’t! It’s elegant and simple, yet refined and packed with meaning. You have the Mac, and you have Man.

  • Mac = Apple, obviously.
  • Man = person, a living entity, which is what your computer is.

Your computer is essential to you as any person you know, so why not give it the recognition it so richly deserves? Steve was on the right path, here, and it’s a damn shame — the damnedest — that Steve’s eloquent vision didn’t properly see the light of day. And just think of all of the other product names that would have been, had Steve’s bold naming system been used: We’d be walking down the street listening to music on our MusicMan, taking calls on our PhoneMan … it would’ve been glorious.

Oh, boy, I’m going to go write “SlateMan” on the tablet prototypes I have. It’ll be like I’m touching a goddamn superhero!

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