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BREAKING! The iSlate will have a touch-sensitive casing.

In the vein of rumors I can comment on because someone else made the claim, I will say the rumor about the iPhone having touch-sensitive casing is wrong. But I will also say that if the article was about how the iSlate had a touch sensitive case, it would be correct.

But I’m not violating my NDA, because somebody else made the claim. Not me. “Somebody.” You see how easy that was?

Anyway, if someone were to say that the way that Apple’s gotten around the problem of conveniently controlling a 10.1″ touchscreen tablet without having to place it down on a table, or on the back of your executive assistant — I’m looking at you, Katie, you bastard — is to make the entire casing of the iSlate touch-sensitive, they would be correct. Someone would also be correct if they were to say that when you type using this thing, you can use the onscreen keyboard from either side of the device, meaning that you basically don’t obscure your vision of the screen at all, ever.

If someone — other than me, of course, because I honor my goddamn NDAs — was to say that this is a fantastic and completely intuitive way to use the iSlate, I would be forced to say that I agree.

Shut up.

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