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I’m too busy using my iSlate to read last-minute rumors about it.

There are a crapstack of articles out today about the upcoming iSlate, today being the day the world changes, and everything, but I’m not reading them. I don’t care. There’s a desperation to all of these posts, as everyone’s so close and they can all see the announcement just … beyond .. that … hill … and they’re reduced to “this is what we know and it’s only a few hours away!” posts.

But me? I’m sitting pretty using my revolutionary new iSlate, and I couldn’t be happier. Bring on the future, Steve, I’m ready.

One thing I am looking forward to, with today’s announcement, is finally being able to talk about it, unfettered by my NDA, which I goddamn respect, unlike a certain head of a major publishing company, who I won’t name.

Oh, also, regarding the leak of the photo of Steve with the iSlate, and the release of my review of the thing: I hadn’t meant to do that, and in fact I didn’t. What happened was that I was hacked, by some devious asshole hacker named Charles Hina, who’s been running around hacking into other prestigious tech journalists’ computers, and leaking privileged information. I didn’t release the information myself, because as I say, I respect my goddamn NDA.

  1. January 27, 2010 at 3:24 pm

    WTF? Did you actually faint on the floor right before the event like a little girl right before she sees The Fab Four?

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