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Does Apple want to be the new AOL?

According to the supercilious people over at The Apple Blog, Apple wants to party like it’s 1995 and become the new AOL:

In an ideal world, from Apple’s perspective, Cupertino would have exclusive control over all major media distribution. The company desires that, or as close as is possible in the real world, because by controlling the distribution of content they can also control which devices consumers have to use to consume it. That, in turn, means hardware sales.

It sounds bleak, but it might not be all bad. Apple seems committed to providing quality content in innovative ways, so maybe handing them more control is the right move. What do you think? Is convenience, ease of use and quality of finish worth the trade-off required in terms of autonomy?

My answer to that question is an emphatic yes. My close, personal friend Steve Jobs just told me that the ultimate web browsing experience is on a device with no plugin support or real ability to do the things we expect to do when a browser was previously launched, and I’m fine with that. And if Steve came on stage tomorrow and said that not only was the iPad the best way to use the internet, but that it was the only way we were allowed to locate the media we want to consume, and that in order to consume any media we need to purchase it from him, personally, or at least get his approval before getting it for free, well, I’d be happy to cast off my oppressive shackles of choice, personalization, and the ability to download files I find off the internet because I want to.

If Steve decided that the entire internet should be a walled garden, that would be for the best, because, crapdamn it, he’s Steve Jobs, and he’s making decisions he thinks are best for Apple, which make them the best decision for all of us, too. If he did make that decision, I think I’d realize that I never really wanted to follow all those links that my friends send me because they don’t redirect to Steve-approved content. And, really, once enough people realize the wisdom of Steve’s supple vision of personal computing, they’d stop sending me links to outside content, because they’d all be in the walled garden with me, wouldn’t they?

Shut up.

  1. elmizzt
    February 3, 2010 at 7:38 pm

    How can I become a close personal friend of Steve Jobs as well?

  2. Rob
    February 4, 2010 at 7:30 am

    Buy, elmizzt, buy every damn piece of Apple hardware you can find. Then buy more. Buy them for your friends. Buy them for your enemies. Buy them for strangers. Just shut up and buy!

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