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27″ iMacs earn you money.

According to the awesome crapcakes over at Gizmodo, if you’re having issues with your amazing new 27″ iMac, Apple might give you money:

15%. Cash. So on a $2000 machine, we’re talking about a $300 apology straight from Apple customer support. From the handful of reader anecdotes we’ve received thus far, it sounds like you need to be a repeat iMac returner who’s dealt with multiple 27-inch iMacs that have been busted in some way (but they may accommodate first time buyers as well, we don’t know). One reader had multiple yellow screens, then received another new model with broken Bluetooth. He took the 15% and just returned it.

A lot of people are griping about this, saying that it shows that Apple’s failed to deliver the product they set out to, that possibly they’re like any other company in the world because they have problems sometimes, too. You know what I say to those people? Shut up.

Just look at what Apple’s doing for you: not only are you able to get a fantastic 27″ iMac to use, but some of you are actually being paid to do it. It’s like a lottery, or something, it’s fantastic. I wish I had one of those “special edition” 27″ iMacs that gave me money. Oh, man, that sure would be sweet.

Why anyone anywhere has a problem with Steve Jobs is completely beyond me.

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