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Is Steve Jobs a liar?

Brian Chen has an article in Wired called “Steve Jobs’ 6 Sneakiest Statements” where he tries to make it sound as though my close, personal friend is lying to us all:

Nice one, Steve. You got us there. Actually, you’ve fooled us not once or twice, but at least six times, by our count. What follows is a list of five more famously misleading quotes that Jobs pulled from his bag of tricks.

Then Brian goes on to list six times Steve said Apple wasn’t going to release a product, but then did. He even makes fun of me for the time Steve told me that Apple wasn’t interested in making a tablet.

You know what, Brian? In general lying is a bad thing, I think, unless it’s in the service of something great or awesome, which is always the case when Steve talks, and it’s especially always the case when Steve lies. Because the reason he lies matters. Do you know why Steve lies, Brian? I do. Steve Jobs lies because he’s a showman. He needs to build hype, and also he wants to find out if he can get away with it. Which he can. Because he’s Steve Jobs.

So why don’t you point your moral compass at someone who isn’t making the goddamn iPhone, and the iPad, okay? Steve is always pointing true north, even when he’s not.

  1. BobSmith
    September 17, 2010 at 5:11 am

    He’s not just lying when he’s announcing they’re not making a product, when they are. He also lies about that product once it’s out, to hype it up some more. “World’s fastest computer”, or “world’s thinnest laptop”, or “screen so good the human eye can’t see the individual pixels”, etc etc etc. Recently I heard him claiming the iphone and the ipod touch had a larger share of the mobile video game market than nintendo and sony combined, which might be true in apple fantasy land. But, in the real world, apple has less than half of sony’s share, and nintendo’s market share is more than double that. He’s a liar, plain and simple.

  2. Dave
    November 20, 2010 at 3:10 am

    What about the iphone 4 antenna mess? What exactly did they do to fix it? Nothing. How did jobs respond? Lies. First it was that the device was being held wrong? Ok, then it was because the signal bars werent displaying properly? Ok, now its unfixed, and he has put this portrayal on the general public of being too fussy and did nothing else. One of several instances this year, where steve jobs played off of reasonable doubt to pull in as much money as he could, then shoved all responsability onto someone/thing else. Its not just about showmanship, its about despicable business practice and cheating the consumer.

    Why do i own one? Because its amazing at what it doesnt fail to deliver, and the jailbreak community has given new purpose and almost 100% delivered the kind of selling points jobs used to sell so many units. Its hard to critisize friends i know, but this seems more significantly wrong than just being “called” a liar

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