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Victor Champ needs to shut up.

That furry jackass Victor Champ is at it again, going on and on and on about how the new screenshots of Courier that Microsoft released show that Microsoft gets the future in a way that Apple doesn’t. Can you believe that? This is the height of his lunacy:

This is Microsoft firing on all cylinders, taking the time to consider how a handheld device could be used to make something, not just to passively surf through the iTunes store and buy movies.

Oh, you smug brown son of a bitch, I will destroy you. Do you hear me?

  1. March 6, 2010 at 12:45 am

    there is an excellent reason this sad thing will piss people off once enough buy it – microsoft software – it’ll be buggy – some freakin’ eastern european, israeli, russian or chinese cadgel will break into it and steal your bank account and social security number and rape your children while they sleep. it’ll be too late, and ballmer will be too busy shining the brillo pads behind his ears to respond.

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