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Everyone play Walt Mossberg’s Embargo Blaster.

Everybody knows that embargoes don’t apply to me, because I’m the goddamn kingmaker, but some people bitch and moan about it like I should have to. Some fine game developers understand exactly how the haters make me feel, and they made a level for the excellent shooter, “Sketch Nation,” which is called Walt Mossberg’s Embargo Blaster,” and lets you play as me, giving you the opportunity to explode Briam Lam, Joshua Topolsky, and the Tivo brand. It’s pretty fun; you just move my continually-firing head around the screen, shooting an increasing assault from pretentious tech bloggers.

BOOM! Did you feel that, bitches? That’s the sound of you shooting me in the face with lasers on the top of my head!

Sketch Nation is out on April 6th, and will cost you a cool $0.99. That’s a price so low even the editor-in-chief of Engadget can afford. Eventually.

Here’s the press release:

WALT MOSSBERG’S EMBARGO BLASTER takes place in the year 2010. What once was a fair media landscape that understood that embargoes were understood to mean “for everybody to obey after Walt has written his article,” the young whippersnappers have become unruly and begun to question WALT MOSSBERG and WALT MOSSBERG has had enough. Naturally, WALT MOSSBERG (through leading investigative journalism) has used his contacts to discover one of the few new TiVOs, and has scooped the rest of the journalism world in one fell swoop with his journalism.
Irate with him, the evil BRIAN LAM and insipid JOSHUA TOPOLSKY have swung into an irate rage over WALT MOSSBERG’s leading coverage. Now is the time to rise up against these interlopers!
Now you, as leading technology journalist WALT MOSSBERG, must defend yourself against the combined axis of evil of JOSH TOPOLSKY and BRIAN LAM.
– Play as leading technology journalist WALT MOSSBERG
– Fire WITTY, INFORMATIVE CRITIQUES at lesser bloggers!
– Destroy

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