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Today’s iPhone OS 4.0 Announcement Event Day!

I’ve got my streamers and my balloons ready, and I’m already halfway through this delightful bottle of Glenfiddich. How are you celebrating today’s announcement of the iPhone OS upgrade which won’t be available until probably the world-wide release of the iPad?

My predictions for the device:

  • Support for dual cameras;
  • Support for video conferencing in the upcoming iPhone HD (which I’ve totally had for months);
  • New Anti-Hater mode: when people complain about an iPhone 4.0 device, it will get continually louder until the hater gets upset and runs away like a scared little girl (tested by Paul Thurrott!);
  • Support for third-party multitasking, which includes an interface for telling the system which apps you want to let run in the background;
  • New notification badge system (you can respond to text messages from the badge itself!);
  • Audio-fellation performed during start-up;

I tell you, after this announcement I’m going to need a cigarette and a nap.

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