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Of COURSE Apple was behind the raids.

There’s a lot of fuss being made over the fact that Apple called in the cops to get Jason Chen’s place ransacked, and to find out who stole their prototype, and a whole lot of crapholes are acting like this is some massive conspiracy, or the act of a cruel company, because how dare they respond to the theft of one of their goddamn products!

My question to you various idiots is: What the hell did you expect them to do? If someone steals your stuff, you call the cops.

Imagine for a moment that someone broke into your house and stole your television. Would you be guilty of manipulating the system if you phoned the police and reported them? No, of course not, you’d be doing the only reasonable thing you could do. Would you be benevolent if you let it slide and didn’t file an official report? No, you’d be a colossal idiot!

From the Next Web:

A disappointed deputy district attorney Chris Feasel confirmed that it was Apple that called police to report the phone was stolen, which set the investigation in motion. Feasel also says that instead of investigating this case as a stolen property crime, it was referred to the county’s REACT high tech crimes unit, or Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team, as a trade secrets case.

No kidding, jackass. The theft of an undisclosed product was treated as a trade secrets case? I bet that when someone gets killed the police treat it as a murder, too.

Shut up.

  1. Corsair
    May 14, 2010 at 5:13 pm

    Xerox should have called the cops in the early 80s.

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