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Get Mosspuppet on your voicemail!


Are you tired of having a lame voicemail recording that doesn’t include me, Walt Sasafrass Mossberg? Are you tired of having that extra $10-$50 in your wallet that you don’t know what to do with? Well, good news! Now you can get a recording of me, the above-named Mossberg, welcoming your friends to the sweet electronic embrace of your voicemail account.

How much does this fantastic service cost? Conveniently, just $10-$50 US!

Details, jerks!

  • $10 gets you a generic voicemail message!
  • $15 gets you a generic voicemail message with your name in place of “the jerk you’re trying to reach!”
  • $50 gets you a personalized voicemail message!

“But Walt,” you’re asking yourself, “How do I get your voice on my machine?”

Well, crapcakes, it’s easy: send me an e-mail at mosspuppet@gmail.com! Then I’ll give you an address to send me money via Paypal, and when I get said money, I’ll record your voicemail, and record it in a high-quality electronicized format!

If you think this process could be any easier, then shut up.

Buy today!

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