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Stop Comparing iPad sales to iPhone Sales

As is being widely reported just about everywhere, the magically revolutionarily orgasm-inducing iPad has sold 2 million units in the first 60 days. This is a goddamn impressed number, to be sure, but what’s really chapping my ass is how people keep comparing the sales of the iPad to other earlier devices:

For comparison purposes, it took over two years for Apple to sell its first two million iPods, while the original iPhone took on the order of four months to reach the two million milestone.

First: The iPad is brand new and unlike anything that’s ever come before, so how can you compare it?

Second: Of course the iPad is selling more faster than the iPhone or the iPod! The market itself is bigger, the app ecosystem is already built up, and people already love using the iPhone OS. Jesus, all of you idiots blogging about the different speed is like Gruber prattling on about how the iPad is a success because it’s already sold more than the failed Newton: it’s a useless point to draw, and really, all it does is show how little you know about goddamn anything (I’m looking at you, Gruber).

People ceaselessly pointing out how much faster the iPad is selling than the iPhone did is like someone saying that we as a species drink more water than we did 100 years ago: if we weren’t, we’d all be dead from dehydration because of how many more of us there are to drink the water.

Shut up.

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