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VIDEO: Shut up about the iPhone coming to Verizon

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The guy with his hand up my butt needs work.

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iPhone 4 Problems: My Interview with Steve Jobs and Jony Ive

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77% of iPhone 4 Preorders were upgrades.

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A few days ago I posted a glorious take-down of one of Bill Palmer’s incoherent rants about how the iPhone 4 preorders (which were and are really goddamn impressive) meant that Android momentum was over. I suggested Bill make an argument not based on a single data-point, and did so with colourful language. Because I’m a colourful sailor.

Anyway, Fortune has a piece today about 77% of iPhone 4 preorders being upgrades, rather than new customers. Which means that ~462,000 of the orders were upgrades, meaning that only 138,000 were new customers. Now, that’s still a good number, but hardly the tidal wave Bill was suggesting.

It also means I was right: the iPhone userbase is such that they can shatter sales records on upgrades alone.

VIDEO: Gruber misses the point. Again.

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Man, I’m Good.

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The Truth about Android

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