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77% of iPhone 4 Preorders were upgrades.

A few days ago I posted a glorious take-down of one of Bill Palmer’s incoherent rants about how the iPhone 4 preorders (which were and are really goddamn impressive) meant that Android momentum was over. I suggested Bill make an argument not based on a single data-point, and did so with colourful language. Because I’m a colourful sailor.

Anyway, Fortune has a piece today about 77% of iPhone 4 preorders being upgrades, rather than new customers. Which means that ~462,000 of the orders were upgrades, meaning that only 138,000 were new customers. Now, that’s still a good number, but hardly the tidal wave Bill was suggesting.

It also means I was right: the iPhone userbase is such that they can shatter sales records on upgrades alone.

  1. Lastangelman
    June 26, 2010 at 4:50 am

    Slip of the tongue mosspuppet. we know you go down by the docks in Montreal picking up colored sailors, take ’em to hotel rooms, make ’em wear Steve Jobs masks and I really can’t go on from here ‘cos I can’t stop wretching my CoCo crispies over my eggs benendict at the mere thought of you acting out your sick puppet fantasies while I’m giving your thirteenth trophy wife Phoenician cat aids.

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