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“Apple TV Apps” is the new Verizon iPhone

Even though the rumours of a new AppleTV/iTV with a handy-dandy app store have proven to be completely false, by virtue of the fact that the upgraded AppleTV has been announced and released, why should this stop tech journalists from talking about it as though it’s a certainty?

Is this really the state of online tech journalism? It’s like everyone’s still giving their impassioned predictions that the Y2K bug will totally be crash planes and end the world, when it happens. It’s embarrassing.

Seriously, journalists: yeah, I guess you can keep repeating a rumor over and over in the hope that one day it will be true, and that by doing so you can appear to have insider knowledge, rather than being, say, a linkbaiting bastard stuck in a loop, but that doesn’t actually make you accurate.

  1. GG
    September 28, 2010 at 8:46 am

    You said it felt-dick! Distributors are scared sh*tless of Apple and wouldn’t trust Steve Jobs to sell an old scratched DVD of ‘Lost Boys’ in case his customers ask to buy more of them & then where would the Distributors be…? tv would have their wives and children tied up in the basement threatening them with a bloody knife… and the Distributors would HAVE to sell more old junk to Apple to flog off at reasonable prices. That’s not how the movie business works! And the ‘journalists’ should know that by now!! Distributors don’t want anyone else’s hands on their profits, no matter how much profit they could be making! And don’t give me that real-world $ for digital ¢ nonsense! Digital is pure profit with no manufacturing or physical distribution costs!! Tell them to shutup! for us, please.

    Apple could make a CDMA iPhone, but why bother? CDMA goes away starting next year, in the only third-world-nation still using it to any extent (sorry U.S.A.). Apple could let other media apps on to tv, but the Distributors are busy devising ever more tortuous ways to create artificial scarcity in a world where all their content is freely available to anyone who doesn’t like the way they treat their paying customers (thanks for buying our disc, pirate/thief/snatcher of purses from old ladies!!!)

    These are people who can take a billion dollars income for a Harry Potter movie and somehow it doesn’t show up as a profit! These aren’t the kind of people Lord Jobs can reason with. He couldn’t even get Disney to play ball, and he owns half the company!!

    Apple journalists are about to replace politicians as the least trusted sleaze, and that’s really saying something.

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