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RIM sure is going to a lot of trouble to pretend the PlayBook exists

On the losing end of the smartphone battles, RIM seems uninterested in innovating in the smartphone space; really, the only thing they seem interested in being innovators at is in pretending to be releasing great new products.

The Playbook, RIM’s supposedly real iPad-killer, is their best example of this. Everyone knows this thing isn’t real, and that it doesn’t exist and that it won’t — at least according to every tech journalist when the product was announced — and yet RIM keeps chugging along with the farce of the product, with the illusion that, yes, it’ll actually work and be real and awesome and people will ever have the option to buy one.

Case in point: Boy Genius Report got a demo of a fake “prototype” that RIM cooked up just to trick the press, and to increase the FUD around Apple and Android tablets. Can you believe that? Here’s the video:

I mean, seriously, this is a work of art, and the guy demonstrating the goddamn thing should be given a medal: he goes for ten minutes in perfect synchronization with the obviously canned video playing on the supposed touch-screen device.

If RIM was putting half as much effort into building this mythical device as it is into making us think it’s real, they’d have a product worth talking about, and they *might* actually still have a future.

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