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Google Correlates a Giant Penis

September 2, 2011 Leave a comment

A friend sent me a link to a cool new Search by Drawing tool in Google Correlate, which lets you draw a distribution curve for something happening over time, and will then find search results that match that curve.

Being a totally straight white male, the first thing I did with this tool was draw a cock and balls. Lo and behold, it worked! The blue in this picture is my drawing, the red jagged line is Michael Arrington’s angry penis the distribution curve it returned:

Pretty cool, right? Nothing remarkable, right? Wrong, you bastards! Wrong! One of the first search results Google says matches this distribution curve is for “bj sandwich.”

I’ll give you a moment to look at that link.

The first result Google returns for “bj sandwich” is for, the title of which is “BJ Sandwich – Two Girls Sandwich Cock Between Their Lips.” Says the site:

Come on in for a stunning blow job sandwich where these two hot girls sandwich a guys dick between their luscious lips.

Just to reiterate: the searches for blowjob sandwiches over time looks like a cock and balls, or, more generously, the two very girls engaged in a blowjob, and the very cock involved in it!

I may be sitting in my office alone, but I tell, you, man, my mind is being blown right now.



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