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Netflix is now bigger than Comcast

April 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Sweet Merciful Crapcakes, Netflix is making some serious money.

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Did you think Netflix loved you?

January 7, 2010 3 comments

There’s a bunch of fervor going on right now about Netflix, and their apparent decision to make as much money as they possibly can. From what I can tell, bloggers are surprised by this, because they thought that Netflix’s corporate headquarters were in the middle of a goddamn hippie commune.

Leading the charge against this sea of unfathomable hardship is none other than TechCrunch, with MG Siegler’s article “Netflix Stabs Us In The Heart So Hollywood Can Drink Our Blood.” From the article:

As you may have heard by now, Netflix reached an agreement with the movie studio Warner Brothers to hold off on the release of new Warner Brothers DVD and Blu-ray movies until after they’ve been on sale for 28 days. Similar agreements with other major studios are likely to follow. That means you can kiss new release rentals goodbye on Netflix. Simply put, this is bullshit.

Now, I understand getting upset when a company changes the way they do business — I had a hard time getting used to Coca-Cola without cocaine — but what surprises me is the emotion involved. MG and others are reacting like jilted lovers, as though they imagined that they were holding Netflix’s hand, that it’d pinned them on the way to the goddamn junior prom, or something:

I love Netflix. They’re one of my favorite companies. I think they run their business right both internally and externally. That’s why it was so painful yesterday when they stabbed me in the heart.

Here’s a goddamn tissue, Edward Cullen. Are the tears running down your cheek ruining your careful applique of sparkles? It’s a company, and you’re a customer. Grow a pair and act like a crapdamn 12-year old for a change. Jesus.

Apparently bloggers think “business” is another word for “kumbaya.” It isn’t. It’s the another word for business.

Sure, you say you love them, which is all well and good, because they want you to form an emotional connection with them, but did you think for a moment that the feeling was mutual? Did you think that Netflix was in it for the feelings? Did you think you made them all warm and gooey every time you placed an order?

Businesses aren’t supposed to help you and love you and make you happy. They’re not supposed to keep you safe; they’re supposed to get your money and then do whatever they can to get more of it. If the best way to get more money is by fucking you over, then that’s what they’re legally required to do.

Yes, it sucks that Netflix is screwing you over, business is business, and they’re just trying to keep the lights on.

(The only exception to this rule is Apple, but that goes without saying. )