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This makes me happy.

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The Kinect is selling twice as fast as the iPad?

November 30, 2010 11 comments

That’s what ReadWriteWeb says. I’m just surprised that Microsoft has finally built a product that people are actually using.

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Get the Mosspuppet Soundboard app for Windows Phone 7!

November 26, 2010 Leave a comment

This is just a reminder for those of you who have a shiny new Windows Phone 7 Phone: Buy my app, which was written by my friend Rick Walrond! He’s goddamn great, and so is my app! It’s available on the store now for, like, a dollar. It’s such a bargain you should buy it 17 times, like people do with Justin Bieber songs on iTunes.

I heard about this trend on Dateline; I don’t repurchase Bieber songs myself.



Anyway, my app is called “Mossboard.” Search for it and buy it. There’s a free trial, but at $1, who the crap needs a trial? Just buy it! And when you do, and when you love the junk out of the app (which features great sayings of mine, the Review-o-Matic, AND inline Twitter and Youtube viewing), rate it and comment on it!

My recommendations for ratings would be 5/5, and comments could be something like “omfg this app is amazing!” or something more eloquent.

Shut up.


(Preview video of the app is here)

Check out my interview with “Game Changing!”

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I just interviewed Game Changing for, and it turned out pretty fantastically. You should click here and read it now!

Apps on the Xbox 360: or, I was right, yet again.

November 23, 2010 2 comments

Regarding some Tweets I sent out a while ago about how Apple is finally getting close, with the closed iOS system inevitably coming to desktop and laptop Macs, to achieving the simplicity of use for a computer experience that Microsoft achieved a number of years ago with the Xbox 360, I present this:

Microsoft is looking for Silverlight developers for Xbox 360.

Some folks criticized my observation because there weren’t proper apps on the 360. That didn’t much invalidate my point, as I was talking about the goddamn ease of installing apps, managing content without ever having to touch the filesystem, and things like that, but Silverlight on the 360 would be pretty crapping cool. Silverlight already lets you develop desktop titles and Windows Phone 7 titles. If you could also use it to create proper apps for your living room machine, well, crapcakes, Microsoft would be able to take over your living room with a true family-minded computer without requiring you to buy anything extra, wouldn’t it?

Yes, I’m as conflicted as you might expect with saying anything positive about something run by that balded-headed Ballllllmer, but, still. It’s some pretty good ninja action for the bald bastard.

I’m on Windows Phone 7!

November 18, 2010 Leave a comment

The Mossboard for Windows Phone 7 is available now for you to try and buy! BIG thanks to my friend Rick Walrond for the programming, you did a great goddamn job, sir.

On a personal note, it sure is nice to see a platform with the courage of convictions, and the proper understanding of the word “parody,” to let me app in. Kudos, Ballllllmer, you strangely bald bastard!


Hands-on with the Microsoft Kinect!

November 16, 2010 2 comments